Melissa Ricks (MNS photo)

Melissa Ricks (MNS photo)

“No, I don’t want to be his friend.”

This was the statement of actress Melissa Ricks when asked if she is willing to also become friends with ex-boyfriend Jake Cuenca, just like how she and Paul Jake Castillo have managed to remain friends even after their breakup.

Ricks said she is no longer expecting anything from Cuenca, adding that she would rather stay away from him.

“It has been such a long time. Ako, I just let it go. Hindi na ako umaasa ng anything from him pero no, I don’t want to be his friend. I have my own reasons. Ako naman po wala akong kaaway, I don’t like holding grudges pero that time talaga hindi talaga eh,” she said.

Saying she once tried to be his friend, Ricks added, “I tried to be nice, I tried to accept things pero hindi talaga kaya. Pero civil lang naman, hindi naman kami magkaaway pero I [would] just rather stay away.”

Instead of dwelling on past issues, Ricks said she would rather have the time of her life and enjoy being single.

“I am going out a lot more. Gusto ko matuto na makihalubilo sa mga tao, to talk to people, to meet new people kasi late bloomer ako e. I didn’t go out when I was younger, bawal ako lumabas, bawal ako uminom, bawal ako pumarty, bawal ako sa ganyan, takot ako sa tao so this time I want to explore. I want to learn, I want to make mistakes kasi I am 24 years old na and you know I am not getting any younger so dapat mag-enjoy lang,” she said.

Asked if she is now ready to entertain suitors eight months after she and Castillo separated, Ricks said, “Tinatanggap ba yun o hinahayaan natin? Kapag may gustong manligaw, yeah why not? My doors are open naman, wala naman akong sinsasarang pinto for anyone.”

Ricks said she does not want to rush into another relationship.

Ako naman you’ll never know. You never know when you are going to meet someone, you’ll never know when you are going to fall in love so hindi naman ako naghahanap. It will come, hindi naman sa bubusisiin ko na yung mga susunod or mas mahirap. Darating din yan, I don’t want to rush into things,” she said. (MNS)