Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago (photo courtesy of

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago (photo courtesy of

MANILA (Mabuhay) – Citing health reasons, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on Tuesday said she will no longer assume her post in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In a letter to ICC president Song Sang-Hyun, copies of which were furnished to the media, Santiago cited her chronic fatigue syndrome as her reason for letting go of the post.

“Pursuant to my commitment, I hereby confirm that the court should proceed on the basis that I am stepping down as elected judge,” Santiago said in her letter to the ICC.

“Since I was elected in December 2011, I have secured neither alleviation nor treatment from the medical profession for my illness,” she added.

Santiago was elected in 2011 to the ICC, the independent body based in The Netherlands that prosecutes individuals for crimes against humanity and war crimes.  (MNS)