Baron Geisler (MNS photo)

MANILA, Apr 9 (Mabuhay) –Actor Baron Geisler turned emotional as he shared his biggest regret in life, recalling how he witnessed his mother die without seeing him become a changed man.

In a vlog uploaded by Toni Gonzaga, Geisler recalled how he dropped by his mother’s room before going to a retreat.

Geisler said he bade goodbye to his mom, and it seemed that she wanted to say something to him by trying to stand up.

“I was preparing to go to a 5-day retreat. And I was sober for a while. So I went to her room…nakaputi ako nito, long hair, may bigote..’Mom, Baron here. Good boy. I’m gonna go to this retreat, I’ll see you when I get back,’” the actor recounted.

“Parang sa pelikula, she tried to stand up and say something and sabi ko, ‘what is it?’ Feeling ko, on a happier note, baka sa long hair ko at bigote ko, akala niya ako si Jesus,” he kiddingly said.

But Geisler became emotional as he continued the story, revealing that he had already felt something was wrong. He then checked the eyes of his mother using a penlight and saw her eyes dilating.

“I sort of knew so kumuha ako ng penlight chineck ko yung mata ni mommy. And slowly, slowly nagdi-dilate. That’s when I knew we lost her,” he said. “I was there.”

Geisler was in tears as he shared to Gonzaga his dream for his mother to see him become a better man.

Now, Geisler claimed he has changed a lot since he found God in his life. He said many people keep on reminding him that his mother is proud to see him strive to become a good father, husband, and person.

“My dream kasi nung time na yun was for my mom to see me clean…But a lot people are saying naman na…ang dami naman na nagsasabi ngayon na she’s proud of you now,” the actor shared.

He also said he would still throw a shoutout to his mother every once in a while especially now that he has a daughter, Talitha Cumi.

“May times nga na para akong baliw e. I still say a little shoutout kay mom. I wish you were here. Kasi may baby ako na di niya naabutan, apo niya. Lahat ng mga anak ng kapatid ko naabutan niya,” Geisler said.

After getting involved in a handful of altercations and issues that tainted his image, the actor recently bared how fatherhood changed his perspective and character.

Now, Geisler has settled down in Cebu City where he relocated with his wife, physician Jamie Evangelista and daughter Tali.

Aside from some projects in showbiz, he is busy juggling his time with his apparel business and barbershop.

“Yung character ko ngayon, hindi na ako maangas,” Geisler said.

“Maybe, kailangan ko ang angas na ‘yan kapag kailangan ng pamilya sa pagbanat ng buto. Dahil may pamilya na ako, ayoko na ng gulo, for the sake of my wife and daughter.

“As much as possible, kung may maghahamon sa akin, tatakbo na lang siguro ako. Ayoko na ng kaaway, especially kung kaibigan natin.” (MNS)

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