By Eusebio S. San Diego

Some members of the MoTHER Movement, led by its founding president Perla Bermudez Santos ( standing, third from left), pause for a pose during the cleanup drive in the Historic Filipinotown last Saturday, May 22.
Photo by Rosito Go

The cleanliness campaign of the Office of Community

Beautification (OCB) got a boost when the Movement to Help Eradicate Rape and Other Child Abuses (MoTHER) and the Filipino-American Services Group, Inc. (FASGI) joined other organizations in the cleanup drive in Los Angeles.

OCB is the agency of City of Los Angeles Board of Public

Works that serves as a leader and citywide resource for beautifying and cleaning the city.

The main area covered by MoTHER and FASGI’s cleaning efforts focused on the Historical Filipinotown.

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, representing L.A.’s 13th district, visited and joined the cleanup volunteers at work.

The senior mothers were dressed in green  t-shirts, the color of nature,  and armed with brooms, rakes, scrubbing brushes and other tools and materials.

The street cleaners “showed no signs of tiredness as they looked very interested and enthusiastic in their civic involvement,” remarked MoTHER founding president

Perla Bermudez Santos. The sight of senior citizens actively performing civic task was  “reminiscent of uniformed Metro aides cleaning the streets in the Philippines,” quipped a retired public school teacher in Quezon City.

Among the senior citizens who participated were Ethelina Mendoza Provido, Elizabeth C. San Diego, Tess Nones, Judy Borromeo, Rosaminda Lopez, Noel Lao and Zosimo Pardilla.

OCB is also tasked by the City government to reduce blight, remove graffiti, plant greenery and help improve the quality of life for L.A. residents and stakeholders.

MoTHER and FASGI are headed by Ms. Santos and Ms. Yey Coronel Alcid, respectively.

It was FASGI which provided t-shirts and healthy lunch to the senior cleaners.

Just recently, MoTHER and FASGI led the well-attended and memorable celebration of International Mother’s Day at the Rosewood United Methodist Church in L.A.