(NewsUSA) – When Samantha White’s health insurance premiums became too high, she, like many Americans in these tough times, sacrificed her health coverage. Unfortunately, White, a resident of a rural North Carolina county, also fell ill.

White’s sister, Nancy Bostick stepped in to help her sister with food, bills and medications. But Bostick’s salary was not enough to cover all of White’s bills, so Bostick started seeking programs that could alleviate costs.

“We were lucky enough to get on a lot of charity programs with the hospitals and doctor offices,” says Bostick. “Even with that, we still paid about $1,000 per month for her prescriptions.”

Because none of White’s medications was available in generic formulations, the sisters needed to find discounts on expensive, brand-name prescriptions. Bostick, who works for Scotland County, N.C., eventually learned of a free prescription discount card program, the National Association of Counties (NACo) Prescription Discount Card Program. She immediately picked up a card for her sister.

“I cannot tell you how much money we saved using the NACo Prescription Discount Card, but it was tremendous savings,” Bostick said. “I firmly support the card and urge anyone who needs it to get the card.”

The NACo Prescription Discount Card Program, administered through its partner CVS Caremark, is a free member benefit program for counties who belong to NACo, the only national organization that represents the interests of county governments in the United States.

The NACo Prescription Discount Card does not have an application process or attach fees to the card’s use. County residents do not have to meet income or age requirements to use the program. The cards save an average of 22 percent off the full retail cost of prescription medications and can be used any time a prescription is not covered by insurance.

A national network of more than 60,000 retail pharmacies honor the card.

“My sister had a good job but not one with health insurance benefits,” said Bostick. “All her money went to prescriptions and health premiums. This card is one of the things that I am grateful that came along.”

For more information, or to print a card for immediate use, visit www.caremark.com/naco.