Nadine Lustre (MNS photo)

MANILA, June 21 (Mabuhay) — Actress Nadine Lustre revealed that she sometimes practiced social media hiatus, admitting that the digital space can, at times, become toxic.

In an interview, Lustre opened up about having occasional social media breaks but is also aware how important the platforms are to her job as a personality in the country.

“As much as possible, I don’t really deal with the toxicity…it is very toxic, I must admit. there are so many people throwing hate and just saying whatever they want just to bring other people down,” the actress said.

According to her, she makes sure that everything she posts on her social media accounts are beneficial to her followers.

“Me kasi, when I share on social media, it’s the stuff I want to share and it’s stuff that I know my followers would benefit from. Something to inspire them. Something the kind of spark to make them creative,” Lustre continued.

But when asked about taking breaks from social media, Nadine shared that she could not handle the hateful messages thrown at her family and other loved ones before that led to her hiatus.

She, however, said that she does not care about receiving negative comments online but talking ill about her family is a different topic.

“At that time, I don’t really have the courage to deal with it because before talaga I would see comments or messages from random people talking about my family, friends. It really hurts me. If it’s about me, I don’t really care, you can say whatever you want,” she added.

“It got to that point. I just couldn’t handle it then.”

“I can actually survive without social media, surprisingly. But I have to do it because it’s part of my work,” Nadine quipped.

She went on to explain the current situation where no events or concerts are allowed because of the pandemic. This makes social media vital for the entertainment industry to reach out to their audience.

“This is my way of giving back to them and make them feel like, ‘o hey I still remember you all and I still love you all,’” she said.

Lustre is gearing up for her upcoming online concert billed “Absolute Madness” despite a court ruling upholding her management contract with Viva Artists Agency.

Produced by Lustre’s label, Careless Music, the show will be streamed by Kumu Live on July 3.

Unlike other concerts, Lustre said hers will also include theatrical elements and that’s what makes her both excited and nervous. (MNS)