Nadine Lustre (MNS photo)

Nadine Lustre (MNS photo)

Nadine Lustre admitted that it is her dream to have a project with actress Angel Locsin.

Lustre said she admires actresses who excel both in drama and action shows.

“Si Miss Angel Locsin, I’d love to work with her kasi gusto ko talagang project action,” she said.

Locsin has already done a number of action TV shows including “Darna,” “Lobo” and “Imortal.”

Saying she finds action shows cool, Lustre shared: “I want to do my own stunts. I know it’s dangerous, pero I want to do that.”

“I’m just really a big fan of mga actresses na pwede sa action like sila Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez. I think action is cool,” she said.

However, the teen actress said she first needs to focus on the things that are currently keeping her hands full, including her upcoming projects with on-screen partner James Reid.

I’m definitely looking forward to more projects. I heard we have a project coming up but hindi pa kami nakukwentuhan. Hindi pa nila nasasabi ang details about it. But I’m really excited kasi maraming hinandang projects para sa amin,” she said.

Lustre said she and Reid are fortunate that they are being given big breaks even if they are just newcomers in showbiz.

“We are really happy kasi bago lang kami ang yet binubuhusan nila kami ng projects,” she said. (MNS)