(Relaxnews) – An eminent wine expert has penned a new book that brings together different gastronomic worlds, pairing German wines with the tastes and flavors of eight different Asian cuisines.

Recruited by the German Wine Institute, author Jeannie Cho Lee is one of the world’s foremost wine experts and the first person in Asia to earn the title Master of Wine.

The 52-page book, Perfect Pairings: German Wines and Asian Flavours, matches popular dishes and common Asian flavor combinations with German wines like Riesling whose acidity and vibrant flavors make them good accompaniments to Asian cuisine, Lee said.

As a Cordon Bleu graduate and internationally recognized wine expert, Lee is a consultant for Singapore Airlines, upscale resorts and a contributing editor for UK-based wine magazine Decanter.

Her other titles include Asian Palate, which was translated in Chinese and published in October, and Mastering Wine for the Asian Palate, which was released in June.

Patricia Guy and Edwin Soon also recognized the gap in Asian cuisine and wine, with diners at a loss of how to pair their native food’s punchy, spicy, salty and complex flavors with wines from the Western world. Guy and Soon co-wrote Wine with Asian Food: New Frontiers in Taste, while Soon went on to write Pairing Wine with Asian Food.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong has become a major Asian ‘hub’ for the wine industry, with import sales equal to $895 million USD (€642 million) last year. That’s equal to a 73 percent rise over the previous year.

Overall, wine experts say that German Rieslings, French Viogniers, California Zinfandels, and wines from the South of France like Syrah and Grenache make good accompaniments to stir-fries, curries, hot pots and punchy flavors of coriander, ginger, garlic and hoisin sauces.

Perfect Pairings releases November 4. For more info on how to obtain a copy, visit www.germanwines.de. The site also offers an interactive web-based food and wine pairing tool.