(NewsUSA) – Planning a summer getaway? Consumers can save time and money during the high-traffic summer travel months by harnessing the power of collective buying sites like Groupon.com to help plan budget-friendly trips that don’t sacrifice quality or fun.

Known for offering daily deals from top local businesses, these websites are also a great resource when it comes to travel. Experts recommend that consumers sign up for the daily emails for the city they plan to visit in the coming months. From here, begin receiving deals and start saving! Plotting out a vacation itinerary and cashing in on deep discounts for everything from unique local activities to dining options and even hotel stays is as easy as clicking “Buy.”

“Shoppers use Groupon.com as a travel guide that’s updated daily,” said Andrew Mason, founder and chief executive officer of Groupon, a shopping website that offers daily deals on the best local goods, services and cultural events in more than 500 markets around the world. “We offer a variety of deals at unbeatable prices every day. Our merchants are more ‘hidden gems’ than ‘tourist traps,’ so group buying is an ideal choice for the person who wants to vacation like a local this summer.”

Mason provides some top deal options to look out for when planning trips this season:

Lodging: From bed and breakfast boutiques to luxury hotel packages, shoppers can find local lodging for 50 percent off.

Outdoor Activities: Enjoying the beautiful summer weather is easy with Groupon. Shoppers should keep their eyes peeled for deals on Segway excursions, walking tours, zipline trips, kayak rides and other adventurous outdoor activities.

Dining: From five-star restaurants to best-kept secrets, and everything in between, collective buying sites help visitors save up to 90 percent on dining while traveling.

Relaxation: Every good vacation involves some pampering. Popular deals include couples massages and rejuvenating skin treatments.

Cultural: Checking out current local theater, festivals and museum exhibits is easy with daily deals that guide shoppers to the best options for their upcoming trip.

By consolidating the best local options in hundreds of cities nationwide, daily deal sites are quickly becoming the go-to travel guide for consumers planning trips this summer. Not a subscriber? Visit www.groupon.com to sign up for free and start receiving deals in your local city and upcoming vacation destination today.