Nikki Gil (MNS Photo)

Nikki Gil (MNS Photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — Nikki Gil said she is not insisting on anyone to have the same values as she does when it comes to relationships, following her candid admission of her preference not to have sex before marriage.

Gil was talking about her rumored relationship with businessman BJ Albert when she was asked whether they have discussed her “values” and how he responded to it.

While this value was not specified, Gil referred to recent interviews where she was asked to talk about it, noting that she had never set out to announce her preference.

“Hindi ko naman din po inaanunsyo; naungkat lang po. Hindi ko rin naman ito ibinabalandra. Nagkataon lang na naungkat,” she said.

Gil said her decision to stay a virgin until marriage still stands, months after she first opened up about it in a Cosmopolitan interview tackling her breakup with TV host Billy Crawford.

“You know, siguro huwag na nga nating i-discuss ‘yan,” Gil said on Tuesday, “kasi sala sa init, sala sa lamig naman ako, eh.”

Gil earlier quipped that she has been “made fun of” after admitting her no-sex preference, which was speculated to be a factor in her separation from Crawford after a five-year relationship.

“Pag diniscuss ko ‘yan, makakarinig ako ng ano. Pag ‘di ko diniscuss, may maririnig din ako. Ayoko na magsalita,” she added. “I’ve said what I needed to stay. Nasabi ko na lahat ng kailangan kong sabihin.”

Gil stressed: “Ito naman ay personal lamang na paniniwala. Wala naman akong sinasabihan na, ‘Kayo rin, gawin niyo ‘to.’ Ito, akin lang ito… To each his own. Kanya-kanya lang po tayo ng paniniwala, gano’n lang po siguro.” (MNS)