Nikki Gil (MNS Photo)

Nikki Gil (MNS Photo)

“I am very happy at the state of my heart right now.”

These were the words of Nikki Gil when asked how she is doing almost a year after she made headlines because of her separation with five-year boyfriend Billy Crawford.

Gil said she is happy that she is finally able to move on.

“I’m okay. I’m happy. I’m dating. I believe [I have moved on]. Right now it’s all I can share about it,” she said.

Dating someone who is not from showbiz is also an advantage, Gil said, citing privacy and the opportunity to learn new things as a welcome change.

Preferably kasi mahirap eh, complicated eh. Kasi nasa industriya na ako so siguro lang para meron akong ibang perspective na naririnig, ibang insight from someone sa ibang mundo,” she said.

Without confirming whether the non-showbiz guy she is dating is already her boyfriend, Gil said she has never closed her doors on love.

I’ve always been ready. I always say naman na right after the breakup, hindi ko sinara yung puso ko. Tinanong ako kung dumating yung tamang tao at one point, isasara ko ba ang puso ko, sabi ko hindi. Ganun ang buhay eh,” she said.

Gil said she’d rather be happy and at peace now than still carry the excess baggage from her past relationship.

Bakit tayo magtatanim, bakit natin dadalahin yung past excess baggage into a new relationship? Basta I’m happy. Ayaw ko na masyadong i-chika. I know I cannot [hide anything] because I’m in the industry but I can try. As much as possible, kung pwede lang naman, sasarilinin ko muna siya,” she said.

But doesn’t she get jealous of her celebrity friends who are now settling down?

“I’m very happy for them. It’s a challenge, alam naman natin na hindi madali maitawid yun and for them to have made that plunge, I’m really genuinely very happy for them. But for me, no pressure. To begin with, I’m much younger. I know I have a lot of time on my hands.”

Nonetheless, Gil said it is already her to walk down the aisle one day with the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. (MNS)