Nikki Gil (MNS photo)

Nikki Gil (MNS photo)

Half a year since her controversial breakup with TV host Billy Crawford, Nikki Gil said she is “definitely much happier now” when the subject of her love life was brought up Thursday.

During a press conference announcing the production of her forthcoming album, Gil was asked whether she is dating again after her 5-year relationship with Crawford ended.

“I’m happy. That much, I can say,” she said. “I’m definitely much happier now. I am at peace. Mapayapa ang life ko ngayon. So parang I don’t want to do anything to mess that up.”

Asked how she is acquainted with the man she is currently seeing, Gil said, laughing, “Ayaw ko mag-share ng information! Nakaka-stress! Baka ma-jinx pa!”

“I want to… let’s try, I want to try as much as I can to keep that part of my life private because we all know what happens if it’s not kept private. So parang this time… as much as possible, I will keep it to myself first,” she said.

Dating someone who is not from showbiz is also an advantage, Gil said, citing privacy and the opportunity to learn new things as a welcome change.

“I mean, it’s hard enough maintaining a relationship, add to it pa klieg lights and so many people involved,” she said. Mahirap na nga siya, mas mahirap pa talaga siya in the showbiz setting. So for me, sana malayo ko ‘yung panibagong relationship ko perhaps sa spotlight.”

She added: “It helps, the non-showbiz part of it. Nakakatulong kasi magkaiba kayo ng mundo, with anyone in general, anyone not in showbiz. Parang magkaiba kayo ng mundo at parang iba ‘yung tingin niya sa mundong ginagalawan mo. Nakakakuha ka ng ibang perspective sa ibang bagay, outside of the world that I know. So in that sense, I prefer that he is non-showbiz.”

As if she is ready to enter a relationship anew, Gil was quick to answer: “I always said I was always ready. I always said I never went through the ‘Pagpapahingahin ko muna puso ko’ stage. Wala, hindi ko pinagdaanan ‘yon. Kasi for me it’s not always like that. Not everyone is like that. Hindi lahat ng relasyon ay uuwi sa iyakan o sa sakit. So hindi ako nagdaan sa, ‘Ayoko na!’ Walang gano’n.”

New chapter

Gil and Crawford’s separation in July 2013 was met with surprise by their fans, as the former couple had been open about plans of settling down.

The breakup also drew speculation of a third party being involved, which Crawford denied repeatedly. In January, the “Bright Lights” hitmaker confirmed he has been courting Coleen Garcia, a co-host on “It’s Showtime,” but emphasized that she had no part in his separation from Gil.

“Well it’s definitely easier to work with a happy heart,” Gil said on Thursday, when asked how her current status has helped her in coming making a new album. “So in that regard, I think… You know, when you’re happy, you’re more productive, you’re more inspired.”

And if anything naman kasi, parang feeling ko that whole chapter of my life, ‘yung recovery no’n was very fast. Because, you know, I had a lot of people see me through it, so I didn’t really spend much time wallowing in whatever negative energy that entailed.”

Gil added: “Itong panibagong chapter ng buhay ko, matagal naman na siyang nag-umpisa, even before I started dating. I think I have made that decision to close that chapter of my life and start anew.”(MNS)