The interwebs are abuzz with the promise of a new potential celebrity couple: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Swift brought Gyllenhaal to see her bestie, Emma Stone, tape ” Saturday Night Live” last weekend. “They showed up together,” a source told People. “They walked around together backstage, but they were careful not to be seen too close.” The next morning, they were seen getting brunch with another pair at Al Di La, a restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn (where Maggie Gyllenhaal lives). They were later seen walking around the hood, arm in arm.

This is certainly an odd pairing. Taylor is 20 while Jake is 29. She’s sugary, country-twinged pop, while he’s brooding indie dude. After the jump, some theories on what might be going on here.

1. Jake was obviously freaked-out about his last girlfriend, Reese Witherspoon, having kids. So he went for someone younger who wouldn’t be looking for him to settle down anytime soon.

2. Taylor is trying to make John Mayer jealous. While John is B-list, Jake is purely an A.

3. They’re both promoting things: She has a new album, Speak Now and he has a movie, ” Love and Other Drugs.”

4. They both like staring into each other’s squinty gray-blue eyes.

5. Taylor knows heartbreaker Jake will inspire at least one mega-hit song.

6. They both want attractive babies.

7. Taylor liked Jake’s “Price of Persia” Lego figure.

8. Jake has run out of blondes in Hollywood, so turned to Nashville.

9. They legitimately have a connection. Hey, opposites do attract.

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