Gwen Zamora (MNS Photo)

Gwen Zamora (MNS Photo)

Seems like yesterday when Gwen Zamora was raving about boyfriend Raymund Romualdez, a politician’s son. Now, she can’t stop gushing about her three-month old relationship with Jeremy Marquez, also a politician’s son.

“Everything happens for a reason. Maybe that happened (breakup with Raymund) so I can find my true love,” opined Gwen.

As to how she was able to move on quickly, she explained, “We were on a break for five or six months before it became official. Hindi siya ‘yung naging masakit na breakup. Because we really thought about it. There’s no more love, nothing is growing anymore, we’re no longer growing together, what’s the point.”

Today, Gwen is a picture of bliss. “I’m in a very good place career-wise, love-wise and family-wise. So all the pillars of my life are good. I feel giddy, inspired and happy,” she expressed.

Is she moving-in with Jeremy any time soon?

“No. We have to get married first. My mom always told me moving in together is like getting married so, parang, why would I live with a man whom I am not married with? So, marriage first before moving in,” she retorted, adding, “I think every woman wants to get married. We are groomed to get married, have children and take care of a household.”

Gwen envisions herself having a baby in two years time or when she’s 26 years old. At the time, she also hopes to have established a bakeshop and coffee shop.

Asked if she’s bothered about her current BF supposedly a “babaero,” she jested, “I’m a babaero tamer. Kung babaero siya ok. Lahat naman ng mga lalaki babaero. May lalaki bang isang babae lang ang naano niya?

At the moment, Gwen is busy with the soap opera “My Mother’s Secret” with Christian Bautista as her leading man.

Directed by Neal del Rosario, it also stars Meryl Soriano, Lotlot de Leon, and Kapuso loveteam Kim Rodriguez and Kiko Estrada.(MNS)