LOGO-FILIPP-AMBASSADENAY PYI TAW, Myanmar, June 7 (Mabuhay) – Noting the various accomplishments of the Aquino administration, Filipinos living and working here in Myanmar are expecting President Benigno S. Aquino III to continue the good policies and the reforms he initiated since he assumed office in 2010, Philippine Ambassador to Myanmar Alex Chua said.

During an interview with PBS-RTVM, Ambassador Chua said that there are around 500 Filipinos living and working in Myanmar, most of them are concentrated in Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar.

“Filipinos in Myanmar are in wide range of occupations – they are teachers, engineers, architects, journalists, technical experts, business professionals,” he said. “Most Filipinos in Myanmar are well-respected for having contributed to the advancement and development of this nation.”

Ambassador Chua said that President Aquino is popular in Myanmar and that he even topped the presidential elections in Overseas Absentee Voting precinct here in 2010.

He also said that the Filipinos here have noted the various developments in the country, as well as the accomplishments of the Aquino administration, particularly in the economic sector.

“Our countrymen in Myanmar, like most Filipinos back home, expect him to continue his good policies and constructive programs for the welfare and better future of our country and people,” he added.

President Aquino will visit Myanmar on Friday to participate in the 22nd World Economic Forum on East Asia, as well as to invite the delegates of the WEF to the Philippines next year. He is also expected to invite foreign investors to come to the Philippines and explore the business opportunities in the country. (MNS)