Orient Gourmet’s delicious ready-to-eat Filipino dishes

LOS ANGELES – Customers have been enthusiastic over Orient Gourmet’s new line of frozen Filipino Ready to Eat (RTE) dishes.

“They taste homemade,” says Seafood City customer, Manuel Avila, “and it’s so convenient to stock them in my freezer.” Seafood City in North Hills recently hosted in-store promotions over the weekend, inviting customers to taste the products, where the feedback was enthusiastically positive.

Orient Gourmet’s Ready to Eat (RTE) dishes are all frozen entrees, fully-cooked and microwave-ready. The entrees purposely do not include rice, since they are meant as “Family Packs” and can serve between 3 and 5 people per package.

The RTE dishes include 18 Filipino entrees: 1) Chicken and Pork Adobo, 2) Chicken and Pork Afritada, 3) Bistek, 4) Dinuguan, 5) Kaldereta, 6) Kare Kare, 7) Ginisang Mongo, 8) Paksiw na Pata, 9) Ginatan Mix, 10) Ginataang Hipon, 11) Sweet & Sour Fish, 12) Cooked Turon, 13) Cooked Sweet Longanisa, 14) Cooked Pork Tocino, 15) Cooked Chicken Tocino, 16) Menudo, 17) Paksiw na Lechon and 18) Cooked Pork Lumpia Shanghai.

“The Orient Gourmet RTEs are perfect for Filipino families ‘on the go’.” says Demetrio Manibog of A.I. Foods, the manufacturer of Orient Gourmet products. “Whether you’re too busy to cook, or just don’t know how to cook, these dishes help families enjoy traditional meals, without the hassle.”

“We’re pleased at the enthusiastic feedback we’ve received,” continues Manibog. “Filipinos enjoy eating, so to hear that our products taste good and remind them of home-cooking – it’s a big compliment.”

Nowadays, where food safety is a growing concern, Manibog particularly prides himself on the fact that the Orient Gourmet RTEs are processed in a USDA-inspected meat and poultry facility. “So with Orient Gourmet’s RTEs, you know you are getting a quality product manufactured under the strictest food safety guidelines.”

The frozen entrees are available at various retail supermarkets, such as Seafood City supermarkets, 99 Ranch in Anaheim, Everybody’s Oriental, H2K, A Grocery and others.

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