Sometimes, you’ve just got to cut loose.

I started writing this song in 2008 on the ukulele. Finally finished it 3 years later, rearranged for guitar! Talk about a long term project… (Stay tuned for the ukulele version, too!)

Peace, love and lol.


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Love y’all.

“Better Yet” – Gabe Bondoc

I couldn’t be more obvious
about the way I feel tonight

And I couldn’t want much more than us
that’s the way I feel inside

You, you’ve been holding back and I’d
love to find out why, oh why

We, we could move so perfectly
just come out with me, let’s try

Can I have one chance?
Better yet, I want one dance
Can I see what you are like when the lights go out?

You say you’re not the dancing type
Baby, nor am I, it’s fine

Baby don’t be nervous, it’s cool, we’ll keep it natural
No need to impress me, already think you’re wonderful
I can see myself with you for a long, long time


Let’s get moving baby, we’ll cut loose
Let this music show us what to do
And if you take my hand while we’re dancing, well, that’s alright
I’ve been waiting for this moment so long
All I want’s for you to feel at home
With me