2013 Philippine Election Banner

2013 Philippine Election Banner

Los Angeles, 12 April 2013 – The Overseas Voting for the 13 May 2013 elections will run from 13 April at 9 a.m. Los Angeles time to 13 May 2013 at 4 a.m. Los Angeles time.

Generally, the ballot will be mailed to the registered address of the Overseas Voter (OV). Kindly accomplish the ballot by following the enclosed instructions and send the ballot back to the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles (Consulate) either by mail or in person not later than 4 a.m. Los Angeles time of 13 May 2013.

Several ballots have been returned to the Consulate for various reasons such as incomplete/wrong address, voter has transferred residence, etc. If the voter has not received his/her ballots after the lapse of reasonable time he/she may then contact the Consulate by sending a mail to the Consulate or emailing oav_pcgenla@earthlink.net as to the status or location of his/her ballots. It is suggested that the overseas voter’s birthdate and proper/complete address be indicated in the letter or email. Further, a copy of a valid identification card should be attached to the letter or scanned with the email to prove the voter’s identity. Once confirmed, the ballots shall be sent to the given address of the voter or he/she may wish to personally claim the ballot from the Consulate.

Seafarers who disembark at ports within the jurisdiction of the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles shall personally appear at the Consulate for purposes of voting.

The overseas voters and seafarers who have been delisted but have been re-activated pursuant to COMELEC Resolution No. 9653 dated 05 March 2013 can vote by personally appearing before the Consulate from 13 April 2013 up to 13 May 2013. The List of Overseas Voters who failed to vote in two consecutive elections can be found in both the COMELEC website (www.comelec.gov.ph/oav/uploads/pdf/oav_lists/FailedToVoteTwice.pdf) and the DFA-OAVS website (http://dfa-oavs.gov.ph/images/pdf/failedtovote.pdf).

The list is also posted at the Consular Hall of the Consulate.

Due to building restrictions, the Consulate will open for voting and reception of mailed or personally delivered ballots on weekends for the following dates only: 04 May-Saturday, 05 May-Sunday, and 11 May-Saturday, all from 10 a.m. up to 2 p.m. On 12 May-Sunday, the Consulate shall open at 10 a.m. until 4 a.m. of 13 May-Monday. The counting of ballots shall immediately ensue thereafter.

Ballots received after 4 a.m. Los Angeles time of 13 May 2013 shall be invalidated. Voters are therefore encouraged to send or personally submit their ballots early.