Patricia Javier and family (MNS Photo)

Patricia Javier and family (MNS Photo)

Actress Patricia Javier always knows how to make an entrance. Married with two kids, she made her presence felt once again recently, appearing on the cover of a men’s magazine last month.

Patricia maintained that it is just the tip of the iceberg as she is on a mission to illuminate Filipinos on beauty and wellness.

Since her arrival in Manila a few months ago with her husband, chiropractic doctor Robert Walcher and their kids, they have already embarked on numerous wellness missions. Aptly called Wellness and Beauty Mission by Patricia and Dr. Rob, they have visited around 20 places so far.

“We talk about proper ways to live healthy. We talk about what we should eat, how we sleep and even work. I also give out beauty tips,” shared Patricia.

Her husband added that he has also been speaking to Filipinos about chiropractic medicine. He feels that there could be a large number of Pinoys who doesn’t know about it.

For a mother with two kids, Patricia is even slimmer now than when she entered showbiz some years ago. This is mainly due to her eating healthier said Rob.

“It was Rob who told me to pose for a magazine. He told me to do it to influence other mothers out there. It doesn’t mean that when you’re a mom you’d forget to take care of your body. It should be that you’re becoming more beautiful as you grow older,” related Patricia.

Patricia’s diet includes lots of vegetables and juices.

“It’s hard because us Filipinos we love to eat rice. But Rob said it’s okay to eat rice as long as you exercise. Because when you exercise your rice will be your fuel. When you’re not exercising rice will go to your stomach,” Patricia remarked.

Rob explained further that eating right is the proper way to lose weight.

“Actually your diet dictates your body. If you do physical exercise or strength training then you’ll grow muscles and if you do a lot of running then you’ll get thin. Your diet dictates 80% of what you look like. So when people ask if I want abs do I need to do more workout? No, you need to cut out breads, and rice and sugar, eat more vegetables and more lean proteins. So actually your diet has a lot of influence on how your body looks,” he said.

Still under the management of Viva Entertainment, there are already some projects in the works for Patricia.

So what beauty tips she can share readers?

Siguro ang sa akin more on positive outlook in life. That’s very important in everything that happens in our lives. Every person has different problems so we must think that everything happens for a reason so acceptance would be easier. We also have to love ourselves so it would be easier to love other. When it comes to beauty always drink lots of water and the way you sleep is very important. You should also get a good night’s sleep because that’s the time that our body heals,” enumerated Patricia. (MNS)