Paulo Avelino (MNS photo)

Paulo Avelino (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — For the first time, Paulo Avelino admitted that he had a relationship with KC Concepcion.

The “Briges of Love” actor made the revelation during his a television interview.

When asked about his relationship with KC, Avelino initially hesitated to answer the question and became evasive. “KC and I are friends and I’ll always be there for her whenever she needs me,” he said.

Cornered, Avelino then responded: “Yes.”

However, the actor did not provide further details, especially on reports that he and Concepcion have broken up.

In one of his recent interviews, Avelino was quoted as saying he and Concepcion did not break up because “hindi naman siguro nagbi-break ang magkaibigan.”

KC Concepcion (MNS Photo)

KC Concepcion (MNS Photo)

Avelino also said he and Concepcion have different priorities as of the moment.

Meanwhile, Avelino shrugged off rumors linking him to actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Last week, a photo of them in what seems to be a dinner date was sent to “The Buzz.” This triggered rumors romantically linking the two of them.

Avelino emphasized that she and Curtis-Smith are just friends.

“Jasmine and I are friends. We have a film coming out with Isabelle Daza. I just casually have dinner with friends, with co-workers. That’s it,” he said. (MNS)