By Raymond Carl Dela Cruz

OIL SPILL RESPONSE. Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel responds to an oil spill at KM11, Davsam Port in Davao City on Wednesday (Jan. 3, 2024). The PCG has since collected around 30 liters of oil and is continuing its oil spill response as well as investigating the source of the spill. (Photo courtesy of PCG)

MANILA – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on Thursday reported an oil spill in waters near Davao City and said it has begun containment and recovery efforts.

In a situation report, the PCG said the Marine Environmental Protection Force (MEPForce) and Special Operations Group (SOG) of the PCG District Southeastern Mindanao responded to an oil spill incident at KM11, Davsam Port in Davao City.

The PCG was notified of the oil spill on Tuesday when the MEPForce received a phone call at around 7:50 p.m. from PCG Station (CGS) Davao.

“Responding urgently, MEPForce, CGS Davao, PCG Sub Station KM 11, and SOG, swiftly headed to KM11, DavSam Port to verify the situation,” it said.

Initial evaluation by the MEPForce found that there was sludge oil covering approximately 200 cubic meters in the location.

The PCG’s oil spill response team has since deployed oil spill absorbent boom and absorbent pads to conduct containment and recovery efforts.

To date, the PCG has collected roughly 30 liters of oil.

The PCG continues its investigation and is looking to identify the source of the spill. (PNA)