PURE FUN. It doesn’t take much to bring joy to children, like spending a day at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City on Tuesday (March. 1, 2022). The city has no vaccination requirement for those aged 17 years and below under Alert Level 1 but parents and guardians are encouraged to have their children protected against Covid-19. (MNS photo)

MANILA, Mar 2 (Mabuhay) — The Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday recorded 1,067 new cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and 1,652 more recoveries.

Of 51,592 active cases, 46,609 are mild, 2,779 are moderate, 489 are asymptomatic, 1,417 are severe, and 298 are critical.

The figures pushed the overall tally of confirmed infections to 3,663,059 and recovered cases to 3,555,016.

Tuesday’s cases mark a slight uptick from Monday’s 951 new infections, the lowest number of daily cases so far this year.

“Of the 1,067 reported cases today, 652 (61 percent) occurred within the recent 14 days, February 16 to March 1, 2022,” the DOH reported.

The regions with the most cases in the recent two weeks were the National Capital Region (NCR) with 144 or 22 percent, Calabarzon with 92 (14 percent), and Central Luzon with 72 (11 percent).

The death toll stood at 56,451 as no fatalities were reported, representing 1.54 percent of overall cases.

According to the February 27 data, about 4.3 percent of 18,766 who were tested turned out positive for the coronavirus.

About five duplicates were removed from the total case count as three of those were recoveries.

All laboratories were operational on February 27 but nine were unable to submit their data to the Covid-19 Document Repository System.

The DOH said the laboratory contributed, on average, 1.4 percent of samples tested, and 1.4 percent among positive individuals based on data in the past 14 days.

“Please note that lower reported numbers and positivity rate today are because these are Sunday laboratory outputs, which traditionally have the lowest outputs per week,” it added.

To date, 26 percent of 3,700 intensive care unit (ICU) beds, 22 percent of 20,500 isolation beds, 15 percent of 14,300 ward beds, and 13 percent of 3,200 ventilators nationwide are in use by patients with Covid-19.

In the NCR, 26 percent of 1,300 ICU beds, 23 percent of 4,500 isolation beds, 24 percent of 4,000 ward beds, and 16 percent of 1,000 ventilators dedicated to patients with Covid-19 are in use. (MNS)

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