MANILA, July 9 (Mabuhay) — Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Police General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar said the Philippines being in the last spot of the list of safest countries is a challenge for the police organization to work harder in their operations to ensure peace and order.

At a press conference, Eleazar, however, pointed out that based on police data, there has been a continuous decrease in the crime incidents in the country.

“Sa atin naman, well we took this as a challenge for us pero kung makikita natin and we are continuously sharing to the media ‘yung sinabi natin na patuloy ng pagbaba ng krimen,” Eleazar said.

“I just checked with the DIDM and for this past years if we are going to compare index crime, itong barometer ng peace and order natin, the crimes against persons and property, for first five years of this administration versus the first five years of the previous administration or even the last five years of the previous administration bumaba ng 63% on the average itong ating mga krimen,” he stressed.

The Philippines has landed in the bottom of a list of the safest countries in the world, according to international monthly magazine Global Finance.

Three factors, including war and peace, personal security, and natural disaster risk, such as the risk factors from the COVID-19, were considered in making the list.

The factors were based on 2020 reports that were done in 2021, Global Finance has said.(MNS)

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