Anne Curtis 2011 Album Cover

The U.S. concert debut of “Annebisyosa” in Temecula, CA was a success.  The show featured 28-year old Filipino actress, Anne Curtis, whose ambitions of becoming a singer were realized when the concert opened at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines.  Despite the fact the she admits to being a wanna-be singer, she entertained the crowd by making them laugh and wowing everyone with her many costume changes, while singing her own renditions of U.S. pop and dance tunes.

Anne looking radiant in a showgirl ensemble.

Anne talks about where her humility comes from:

To be able to come here and perform for everyone it’s just a humbling experience, every time I’m able to hear the laughter of other people I know that I’ve done something good and I think that’s a good reminder that to always keep on being humble because you don’t wanna loose that. You don’t wanna loose having that opportunity of making someone happy.

Anne’s Tweet after the show:

Anne talks about her emotions before the show:

No one could talk to me backstage before the concert, that’s how nervous I was and actually in all my previous concerts I haven’t made a mistake in the opening number so it was the first time I think I was just shaking my knees and I’ve done several nationwide tours all over the Philippines so I’m so used to the opening number but then the moment I was out there it was like Araneta all over again.

Anne was referring to her sold out concert earlier this year at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, where she sang out of tune, forgot lyrics and dance steps. Her fans cheered and sang along with her regardless of her mishaps. Later that night she announced that she had reached 4 million followers on Twitter becoming the first Filipino celebrity to hit that mark.

Anne wearing a cute pink dress while singing a Nicki Minaj song.

Anne thanking her U.S fans for making the effort to come out and support her concert:

I wanna thank everyone that came here, I know Temecula is far from other people but I know from my twitter followers that some really made the effort to drive all the way down here so I just wanna say thank you so much. Tulad ng one of my last songs I said I will always love you and I will always appreciate that kind of effort.

My message will be just keep following your dreams, shine bright like a diamond! (Anne Laughs) and you know good things can happen just as long as you have faith in yourself.

Anne is a true entertainer, a girl living a dream, inspiring others through laughter and will definitely make you smile.


Anne interacting with the audience.