Members of the Pinoy Kids perform during the annual celebration of the Festival of Friendship at the Cerritos Mall on Sunday.

CERRITOS – The Philippine Society of Southeast Los Angeles (PHILSELA) presented young Filipino folk dancers that wowed the crowd during the annual Festival of Friendship held at the Cerritos Mall on Sunday.

The Pinoy Kids dancers, attired in colorful Filipino costumes, performed popular Philippine folk dances to the delight of the audience.

Philsela’s participation in the Festival of Friendship, which was made possible by a committee headed by Doris Iglesias, was the first project for the year of the incoming set of officers, led by president Loi Herrera and Board of Directors chairwoman Alice Ramos.

Iglesias, who is also an adviser of Philsela, thanked all Philsela officers and members who helped in the successful participation, including Dr. Ramon Geluz, Melette Lampino, Linda Bautista, Evelyn Carale, Mayette Centeno, Lestie

Lampino, Sarah Lacson, Melanie Lacson, Mark Pulido and daughter Maleah, Edgar and Kweenie Morada, Joe Iglesias, Herrera, and Alice and Ramon Ramos.

Iglesias also thanked Cerritos Mayor Jim Edwards, the members of the Pinoy Kids, and their moderator Jill Manalang, Nelly Maravilla, a former Philsela member.

Other projects lined up by Herrera for 2013 are the induction ball on April 6 chaired by Herrera and Ramos and co-chaired by Dr. Ramon Geluz, Santacruzan in May, scholarship awards in June chaired by Alice Ramos, Fourth of July game booth and fashion show chaired jointly by Cesar Lampino and Linda Bautista, annual picnic in August chaired by Lydia Soriano, the first golf tournament in September chaired by Douglas Bautista, Halloween celebration chaired by Daisy Pangilinan, Christmas party in December chaired by Violet Mislang, and the Simbang Gabi also in December chaired by Chit Yokoyoma.