Pia Wurtzbach (MNS photo)

MANILA, Nov 23 (Mabuhay) — Despite the success she’s attained, Pia Wurtzbach admitted that just like everybody else, she is also not spared from dealing with mental health problems.

In an Instagram post, Wurtzbach shared that preparing for a big speech she will soon make made her revisit some of the most painful memories she had as a child.

“So I’ve been preparing for this big speech the past couple of weeks. It’s really personal and some of the things I shared triggered some memories/emotions that I kept inside for too long,” she said.

“You guys know naman my childhood/young adult years were quite challenging. I’m happy I pushed through and I’ll share it with you guys very soon. But yes it did put me in a bad place for a few days,” she added.

While she is already in a good place now, Wurtzbach said revisiting the past was difficult for her.

“Even for someone like me who looks like they got their life together from the outside, could still be going through a mental health journey,” she said.

Nonetheless, Wurtzbach acknowledged that it is also okay to be down sometimes.

“And I guess I’m writing this, not to be paawa or ask for sympathy, cos I’m okay naman. But to remind you that IT’S OKAY to be down sometimes. And IT’S OKAY to talk about it openly!”

Sharing why she posted about it on social media, Wurtzbach said: “Maybe somebody needs to hear this today. You’re okay, talk it out and take some time to do what’s good for your mental health.” (MNS)

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