Piolo Pascual (MNS photo)

MANILA, Mar 9 (Mabuhay) — Actor Piolo Pascual has finally addressed one of the most-asked questions of him for the longest time: how does he maintain his young-looking appearance at the age of 45?

Pascual shared that aside from working out daily, sleeping a lot helps him keep his youthful look.

“I sleep a lot. That helps a lot to stay young, young looking. For physical health, I don’t have days-off. I do my cardio. If I don’t do my cardio, I do my workout. I have to do a workout once a day. It’s not a chore. It’s part of your life,” Pascual said.

The veteran actor, who drinks a lot of water, also said that his faith in God keeps his soul young and positive.

“The best part about that is my faith. I believe in God. I believe in His purpose for me and I believe in the positivity of life,” he continued.

Pascual revealed that he always looks at the brighter side and never attracts negative energy. He also added that spreading good vibes and energy makes him even younger.

Pressed about being physically fit in almost the entire of his showbiz career, Pascual attributed it to having the discipline of always getting ready in case an opportunity arises.

“It’s part of the job. It’s part of what I signed up for. You’ve got to be prepared anytime you’re needed for a role. So my default is you have to live your best so that when you get a role that requires a certain look, then, you’re ready,” he said.

“My investment is myself. So I have to take care of my investment. I always have to be ready when there’s a good role. I always want to be the best version of myself while I still can do it.”

Pascual was also quick to clear things up that he does not follow a strict diet to maintain his impressive physique.

According to him, he does not want to deprive himself of the food he wants to eat but he also makes sure to watch his food intake.

“I watch what I eat. But I eat anything. I make sure that it’s beneficial. I try to stay away from unhealthy food because I want to take care of my system. I treat myself with good food — fruits, lots of veggies, lots of water. I sweat a lot just to keep sickness at bay,” the actor quipped.

And if there is a food he cannot resist, it’s the classic Pinoy food chicharong bulaklak and bagnet.

“I don’t eat pork, beef. But once in a while when I see chicharon, it’s something I really can’t resist. And I love vinegars. I eat anything with pinakurat,” Pascual shared.

Pascual is busy filming his two new series: “Flower of Evil” and “My Papa Pi.”

“My Papa Pi” will mark Pascual’s return to the sitcom format after a recurring and later regular role in “Home Sweetie Home,” which concluded in 2020.(MNS)

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