LAS VEGAS – The Philippine Nurses Association of Nevada (PNAN) is holding its induction of officers for 2011-2012 and honors the March of Dimes Awardees during its Annual Valentine’s Ball on Saturday, February 12, at the Suncoast Resort Hotel & Casino from 6:oo p.m.  Inducting officer is Commissioner  Lawrence Weekly. Attire is semi-formal. Suncoast Hotel is located at the corner of Rampart Blvd. and Alta Drive in Las Vegas. A donation of $50 per person at the door is requested, and is tax deductible as PNAN is a non-profit 501© corporation.

The inductees are headed by Helen Ymson, president-elect; Mary Betita, vice president; May Chevez, Recording secretary, Maureen Nashiak, Corresponding secretary; Efren Bolor,  treasurer; Pure Hidrosollo, assistant treasurer; Minda Banaria, auditor; Fernando Ymson, assistant auditor; Carmen Lemon, Vida Braganza, and Amelia Abello, PROs; Delilah Lapid, Business manager; Malou Richard, assistant Business manager; Priscilla Santayana, Parliamentarian; Elvis Sampal, Sergio Abella and Rolando Jacala, Peace Officers.

For tickets and further information, call Pure Hidrosollo at (702) 501-6899; Mel Abello at (702) 403-0375; Helen Ymson at (702) 445-0578;  Cristy Sampal at (702) 301-6309; Vida Braganza at (702) 338-7478; Carmen Lemon at (702) 580-2192; Maureen Nasiak at (702) 480-6310 and Efren Bolor at (702) 501-2609.

It had been a busy and productive three years for the outgoing PNAN administration under the brilliant leadership of  Cristy Sampal, from 2008 till 2010.

In 2008, Belen Gabato, PNAN founder and president, was appointed to the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Cristy Sampal, who was then vice president, took over and served the remainder of Gabato’s term. Sampal and fellow officers continued where former president Gabato left off.

In March 2008, the PNAN conducted a Health Fair in tandem with Philippine Medical Association of Nevada (PMAN), its perennial partner in most community activities, the International Lions Club and the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) -Nevada Chapter.

In April 2008, Sampal’s priority addressed the seemingly lukewarm reception of Filipino nursing professionals to PNAN and its mission. She launched the first Membership Drive Campaign at various nursing facilities and agencies in Las Vegas, and met with various chief Nursing Officers and Directors of Nurses. The year saw a slight increase in PNAN membership.

In May, Sampal led the  PNAN delegates from Nevada to the Western PNAA Conference held in San Francisco, CA. She also took active role in the HRSA/NEPR Grant Collaborative Approach to RN-to- BSN Program with University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV), and the Nevada Community College. In June, the PNAN actively participated in Philippine Independence Day festivities by conducting free Health Screening for the underserved members of the community.

July was a big month for PNAN as it created its own PNAN website at Also, PNAN delegates took part in the Philippine Nurses Association in America (PNAA) National Conference at South Padre Island in Texas; and collaborated with Tracy Singh, Esq. on presenting a seminar on “Avoiding Malpractice through Proper Nursing Documentation.”

In September, the PNAN attended the “Spring Valley Hospital Kick-off on Diversity,”  and participated in Philippine Consular Outreach, and the PMAN-sponsored Health Fair.

In November, the PNAN General Assembly elected Cristy Sampal president for 2009-2010, along with vice-president Marlon de la Vega, Recording secretary Pia Perry, Corresponding secretary Maureen Nasiak, treasurer Efren Bolo, assistant treasurer Pure Hidrosollo, auditor Margie Garcia, assistant auditor Minda Banaria, PROs Carmen Lemon, Myrna Fontillas, and May Chevez, Business manager  Helen Ymson, assistant Business manager Delilah Lapid, Parliamentarian Hydee Florentino, and Peace Officers Elvis Sampal and Fernando Ymson. They were inducted on February 14, 2009 during the Annual Valentine’s Ball. Sampal’s first official act was to involve the PNAN in the PNAA’s  APNC and KEBF  Survey, as well as the PNAA’s Kababayan Emergency Preparedness Fund.
In March 2009, PNAN was called in to participate in the State Legislative proposal for “Safe Nurse-Patient Ratio in Nevada.”  In April, PNAN delegates  attended the PNAA Western Regional Conference in Denver, CO. The PNAN also partnered with local hospitals in educating Filipino nurses on “Cultural diversity and how it affects patient care.”  The next month, it hosted a seminar on “To Err is Human, the Nursing Practice Act and Me – Part 3” in collaboration with Nevada State Board of Nursing. In June, it joined the community at the First Annual Filipino Fiesta spearheaded by NaFFAA-Nevada Chapter.

In July, Cristy Sampal led the Nevada delegation to the 30th PNAA Convention in Baltimore, MD. In October, the PNAN was invited by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid to participate in the discussion of Healthcare Reform Bill. Also in October, Sampal represented the PNAN at the “Train the Trainer Workshop – Health Heart Health Family” in Burlingame, CA. In November, PNAN contributed to the ABS-CBN fundraiser for the flood victims of Ondoy typhoon that devastated the Philippines in 2009. As a member of Nursing Advisory Council, PNAN participated in “Approach to RN to BSN Program” sponsored by UNLV and Nevada State College. In December, the PNAN donated financially to the fallen Filipino boxer Z Gorres, to help with his medical bills. Gorres won the title fight but collapsed on the ring moments later.

In January 2010, PNAN partnered with PMAN in hosting a fundraiser for Z Gorres. In February, it celebrated its Annual Valentine’s Ball, and honored the PNAN March of Dimes winners. In February, it co-sponsored “Demystifying Naturalization,” an immigration seminar held  at Palace Station Hotel & Casino.

In February, it again partnered with PMAN in providing free H1N1 shots at the Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh (Indian Temple). In March, it donated a home for Gawad Kalinga Village  at the PNAA Village in Bulacan, Philippines.

In March, it again assisted Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) in giving free H1N1shots at the  Vaisalkhi Mela event (Indian Harvest Festival).

In May, it conducted a continuing education for its members on “Leadership and
Communication, Hepatitis B, and Immigration Issues” at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. In June, Sampal and PNAN fellow officers participated in the 31st PNAA National Conference in Miami, FL. In August, it donated to the Nevada Nurses Educators via NSBN. In October, PNAN partnered with PMAN, SNHD and the “Shots 4Tots” in providing free immunization; co-sponsored a seminar with the PMAN on H1N1; hosted a seminar on “Nurses & Finances;” and spearheaded the General Assembly Meeting and Election of Officers for 2011-2012. In November and December, it again partnered with PMAN, SNHD and “Shots 4 Tots” for the free Immunization Drive.

After three years of selfless service to PNAN, Sampal still finds the same problems that confronted her in 2008. The PNAN continues to face challenges such as recruitment and retention of members and officers, as well as lack of drive and active participation  in PNAN/ PNAA activities among current members and officers. The PNAN, despite its website and embrace of modern communications technology, has failed to entice members and prospective members to communicate via internet, as most members remain not sophisticated enough to embrace the wonders of online communication. The three-year-old recession also contributed much to the challenges facing the PNAN today as economic meltdown affected the finances of its long-time sponsors and supporters thus, putting a cloud over some of their projects, according to Sampal.

With these challenges facing the incoming administration of Helen Ymson, Sampal enjoins incoming officers to work harder and dedicate themselves towards continuing the advances made by PNAN through the years. (Zen S. Laluna)