MANILA, Aug 16 (Mabuhay) — The Philippine National Police (PNP) would push for improvements on the government’s war on drugs, according to its chief.

“On this administration po, we have to study po na…hindi natin sinasabi na mali po yung strategy noon, but we need to study some more, how do we improve our campaign or war on drugs,” PNP chief General Rodolfo Azurin Jr. said during a press briefing.

“It does not only come on the PNP, but it should come from every sector, every concerned member of the community,” he added.

Among PNP’s plan is to tap the barangays’ participation to boost the campaign against illegal drugs.

”How do you intend to help the police, so that we would know kung sila ba ay tutulong sa atin o ibibigay na lang nila sa ‘tin yung pagbibigay ng solusyon?” Azurin said.

The PNP would also meet with the Department of Health (DOH) to ask how government could rehabilitate those who wish to escape from drug addiction, Azurin said.

The PNP chief also stressed the importance of the need to create jobs for those who have no source of livelihood.

Azurin, however, declined to comment when asked if he planned to look into the conduct of the drug war under the previous administration.

In late June, International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim Khan asked the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber to allow his office to resume its probe into the drug war. The inquiry was suspended last year on the request of the Philippines, which cited its own investigation.

In a 53-page request, Khan said the Philippine government has not demonstrated it has investigated or is investigating crimes within the ICC’s jurisdiction.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. recently said the Philippines had “no intention of rejoining” the ICC after his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte, canceled the Philippines’ membership in the ICC’s founding treaty in 2018 after it launched a preliminary probe into his drug crackdown. (MNS)