WHITTIER, Calif. (KABC) – California residents will decide on Tuesday who will be the next governor. The latest polls show Democrat Jerry Brown in the lead.

The results from an exclusive Eyewitness News SurveyUSA poll showed Republican Meg Whitman with 37 percent of the vote, which is her lowest number in the past four months. Brown has 48 percent of the respondents, which is his highest number in the last four months. Six percent expected to vote for other candidates, and 9 percent were undecided.

At events on Monday, both candidates spoke with optimism about the future. Whitman visited a GOP field office in Woodland Hills and then met with supporters in Temecula.

“There’s only one poll that matters and that’s tomorrow’s,” Whitman said. “I know, you know, our polls still look really good. Our polls look great, so you know what? We’re going to battle it out till the end. I feel great about where we are.”

Brown attended the Get Out the Vote rally in downtown Los Angeles before returning to his hometown of Oakland.

Brown and Whitman have until 8 p.m. Tuesday when the polls close to finish convincing their voters.