Piloted driving from motorway to raceway. ©Audi

Piloted driving from motorway to raceway. ©Audi

Audi is planning to race a driverless car around the Hockenheim circuit as part of the DTM German Touring Car Championship.

However, the car that takes to the 4.57km track and negotiates its 17 turns won’t be some souped-up, track-focused race car. It will be the company’s flagship sportsback sedan, the RS7.

As well as for making an entertaining spectacle, the idea behind the demonstration, which will see the car hit speeds of up to 149 mph (240 km/h), is to show how much ground Audi has already covered in the race towards making autonomous driving a reality.

The car will be using an array of sensors to navigate the circuit and to help it to drive on the limit but without surpassing it.

Audi expects the RS7 to be capable of lapping Hockenhiem in under two minutes and the attempt will be broadcast live on the internet via Audi’s MediaTV channel. The fun will start at 12:45 CET on October 19.

The company is by no means the only carmaker to have taken to the track to demonstrate its self-driving tech capabilities. Both BMW and Volkswagen also have ‘track training’ cars in their research and development departments and BMW was even brave enough to let UK TV show “Top Gear” take its modified 3-Series out on the track back in 2011.