Makeup colors are extending beyond shading around the eye to the eyebrow itself. © Valua Vitaly/

Makeup colors are extending beyond shading around the eye to the eyebrow itself. © Valua Vitaly/

(Relaxnews) – Rainbow armpits have been in the news recently, after celebrities including Miley Cyrus were spotted sporting technicolor body hair. But it seems the underarm isn’t the only spot crying out for a splash of color—the latest trend is the rainbow brow.

The trend was first spotted on the Spring/Summer 2015 catwalks in New York, courtesy of Badgley Mischka. The label sent the models down the runway with their eyebrows dyed pastel tones of blue, pink and purple. The concept has since been picked up by fashion fans who have taken to social media to show off the result of the “colored ombré brow”.

If you’re looking to test out the look at home then the easiest way is to get creative with eyeshadow rather than actually dyeing your brows. First you’ll need to make sure that they’re in good shape –

literally – by combing them outwards towards your temples and plucking, waxing or trimming any unruly hairs.

Beauty expert Kristen Leanne recommends using two colors and blending them halfway along the brow for an extra unique effect. She also advises using a brush to draw ‘hairs’ with the eye shadow for as natural look as possible. Meanwhile, vlogger Kaylyn Phu suggests filling out brows with a waxy white eyeliner to use as a base before using your finger to apply the colored shadow, although the end result is less delicate. The white eye pencil base approach is also advocated by MyDia Makeup in her tutorial.

Another option is to bold out the color using lipstick, as vlogger Shantrinas explains in her video. This can be a great way of keeping eyebrow hues vibrant, particularly on darker hairs.

Once the color is in then it’s time to neaten things up, either by removing excess color with a cotton bud or by sharpening the edges with a concealer applied by brush along the underside of the brow. And there you have it—an eye-raising summer beauty look!