Imagine, like Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, that you are a billionaire doing the improbable things regular guys could only dream of – your picture on the cover of Forbes Magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen, and enjoying the perks reserved for the privileged few.

I say dream no more because some of these lofty and fascinating things are reachable after all. They are made real through the Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards Loyalty program.

The deal: Be a Seven Stars member and, presto, a lot of fantabulous and exciting things are waiting just for you!

Once you achieved the Seven Stars status, which is the highest tier in the Total Rewards (TR) program, you will get to experience the heady feeling of a VIP in the truest sense of the word.

Just like what I did.

For as long as I can remember, my life had been consistently prosaic. I never knew what it is to be out there and strut around like a very important person. And although I hold the top executive position of a fairly successful ethnic publication, I never entertained any thought that I am a VIP.

Until one day, I accepted an invitation to be a Seven Stars guest of Caesars Entertainment. That changed everything. My perception about life and living gained a wider latitude. The bounty from the Total Rewards made me realize how fabulous it is to be treated as a Seven Stars VIP even for just a couple of days.

From the Seven Stars reception area and around the casino, to the upgraded spa pampering, to the snack rooms and restaurants, to the limo service, and all the little else’s, the service was just exquisite as it was exceptional. I felt I was treated like a queen.


I have watched a lot of shows and plays. But there was nothing like the “Jubilee.” It is the classic old Vegas show with an attitude. It was sheer pleasure watching the spectacular acts, the marvelous sets, the elaborate costumes, and the dazzling performers.

Tickets are pegged at $99, but for a Seven Stars like me the show is on the cuff (read: freebie). As if that is not enough, I did not have to make the line. I was immediately escorted to one of the few preferred seats reserved for the choicest Vegas guests. And when I needed any drink, somebody nearby was ready to cater to my every need.

One hundred minutes of bliss

Spa treatment with a Seven Stars card is a lot more desirable than what is advertised. You don’t have to read the book of Katherine Mansfield to vicariously experience bliss. The experience include lavish treatment and pampering beginning with a soothing cup of English tea, to the sweet Rose Body Scrub, to the rose petal paraffin treatment of hands and feet , to the calming aromatheraphy massage with the healing benefits of warm, lily-infused botanical oils.

And as a Seven Stars guest, I had the option for an upgraded service. And that exactly what I did – request a facial before my body massage. I was granted such perk even if it is not listed on the service menu. I had been to a lot of spas, but the Seven Stars pampering is just a cut above the rest. The lavish treatment at Rio Spa and Salon is in itself “100 minutes of bliss.”

Fun and gaming gizmos

There is never a boring time in and around the gaming tables, slot machines, and the playing gizmos. I was enjoying playing the one-dollar slots when I realized it was already past 12 midnight. And mind you, I did not lose a lot. And even if I did lose, the fun and excitement I got from playing should be well worth it.

A reward program unlike any other

Just what is the Seven Stars Experience, and why are people saying good things about it?

Seven Stars is Caesar’s most elite Tier in the Total Rewards loyalty program. It is a reward program unlike any other. Reserved for a select few, members qualify as a result of the level of their loyalty to their favorite Caesars gaming hub. Seven Stars members transcend all other club memberships.

To qualify for the Seven Stars membership, one must earn 100,000 Tier Credits in a calendar year, and that Total  Reward members must keep their account in good standing. The exclusive Seven Stars status is by invitation only.

Rewards Credits are earned for the money spent for your play and entertainment at every participating property in the Total Rewards Program. The more you play and enjoy the more you will accumulate tier credits. And the wonder of it all is when you reach the optimum loyalty level, you become one of the very few, the very preferred VIP.

Enhanced Benefits

Seven Stars members get to avail of the best benefits in the Total Rewards program. They are virtual kings and queens around the facilities; they are immune to a lot of house rules, they receive special treatment such as exclusive next-in-line access to events, priority seating at restaurants and have exclusive access to Seven Stars lounges.

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