Revolutionary power system uses both AC, DC energy

acdcCYPRESS – A Cypress-based company launched recently a new system that , it said, would revolutionize the way the world uses electricity.

ADC Energy Inc. said its new product, the ADC Power System, allows both AC and DC energy to be transmitted and used simultaneously through the same wiring infrastructure in most residential and commercial buildings.

The launching was held to coincide with the open house for the company’s new corporate headquarters on Knott Avenue in Cypress last Nov. 18. Business owners, prospective investors and Cypress officials were in attendance.

“In essence, the ADC Power System eliminates energy conversion loss and provides a solution to use each electric current type independently, while on the same electric circuit.  All power source types such as, power from the electric grid, solar photovoltaic panels, gas generators and even your automobile can all be connected to the ADC Power System to power your home or business,” said Hun Y. Choe, CEO of ADC Energy.

In S. Kim, ADC Energy president, said the ADC Energy System is the most efficient way to transmit and use energy.

“Using energy from our system is just as simple as plugging in a device.  Since the System is able to differentiate the current type automatically, all electrical devices are able to connect to the System through the same plug.  Whether it is powering a washing machine through AC power or charging a smart phone through DC power, the System is able to provide the correct current type without the need to change plugs or install new lines to an existing circuit,” he said.

ADC Energy also manufactures LED light bulbs, which, it said, are the most energy efficient and eco-friendly source to light a home or business. However, LED light bulbs use DC power and since most homes and buildings have AC energy systems, AC energy still has to be converted to DC, which results in energy loss. With the ADC Power System, there is no need to convert AC energy to DC, thus conserving energy that is lost during the conversion.

ADC Energy also produces solar panels, which also utilizes DC energy and need conversion. With ADC Power System, solar panels can be used without converting AC to DC. There is no need to change the existing wiring system.

The revolutionary ADC Power System and the two other products will soon be introduced in the Philippines by a group of businessmen, led by Eugene C. Polendey, a retired Boeing engineer who now works for Raytheon, and businessman Joel Bautista.

Polendey and Bautista said the ADC Power System will be a great boost to Philippine government, businesses and households since the country has one of the most expensive power rates in the world.

“With the ADC Power System, the LED light bulbs and solar panels, the government can save billions of pesos annually if used in government offices, hospitals, parks and street lighting,” Polendey said.

Bautista said businesses and homes, on the other hand, can save a lot if any combination of the three ADC Energy products were utilized to power lights, computers, refrigerators, TV sets, neon signs and many more appliances and equipment.

They said the other advantage is that establishments that use the ADC Power Systems won’t have to worry about power outages because the system automatically stores AC and DC power in batteries that automatically dispenses power in case of power outages, without any interruption, for days. With the Philippines often experiencing power outages, ADC Power System is a perfect solution to the country’s energy problems.





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