Rica Peralejo (MNS photo)

MANILA, Sept 11 (Mabuhay) — Rica Peralejo has finally returned to the Philippines after an extended stay in the United States due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown, the actress shared on Instagram.

“Hi, Manila. We arrived softly on this rainy morning. You are still sleeping, just like my toddler. See you later when we wake up,” she wrote in the caption.

“Already prepared myself by admitting that I will probably not like your inconveniences, will perhaps feel a little more hassled than usual, and make me want to fly back to where we came from,” she added.

Despite this, Peralejo called the Philippines as “the place of our calling.”

“And sometimes, I mean many times, calling is not a matter of our choosing, it isn’t decided according to where we might feel the most comfort in life. It is where God ascertains the geography of our unique mission and story,” she said.

“This nation needs me as much as I need her. For my own humility, sanctification, and more. (And her? She might just change because of me. Or because of my children.)”

At the end of her post, Peralejo said maybe the drizzle that welcomed them home could symbolize an agreement that her family and the Philippines could be “a little gentler to one another this time around.”

In another post, Peralejo detailed everything her family went through upon arriving in the country for the guidance of those who also wish to come home.

Peralejo said they opted to delay their flight back home to September because she felt like the process of returning to the Philippines wasn’t smooth yet in the previous months.

“I think we actually made the right decision because it seems that our country’s got it figured out more now,” she said. (MNS)

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