Sarah Lahbati (MNS Photo)

Sarah Lahbati (MNS Photo)

Richard Gutierrez has admitted Sunday on his family’s brand new reality show, “It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez,” that he is a proud father.

The announcement served as much-awaited answer to pregnancy rumors and questions that have been hounding him and his girlfriend Sarah Lahbati since last year.

Prior to the show’s premiere, Richard did an interview with, saying, “I think now is the perfect time to answer their questions. One, Sarah is finally back in GMA. And two, we’re doing a reality show for E! And now, everything… you know, everything is good, wala na kaming problema. Now is the perfect time to answer it. And we will answer it in the next episodes – all of the questions.”

Weeks leading to the maiden episode of the show, the family has been hinting that they will make an “explosive” revelation upfront.

Shortly after the show aired on E! Channel, Sarah Lahbati posted on her Twitter account (@sarahlahbati): “Extremely happy to announce the new member of our family, baby Zion.” It came with a photo she posted on her Instagram account of a baby’s hand over an adult’s hand.

Richard’s brother, Raymond Gutierrez, tweeted via @mondgutierrez: “Meet the newest member of the Gutierrez family next Sunday on #ItTakesGutzToBeAGutierrez #GutzOnE!”

Richard Gutierrez (MNS Photo)

Richard Gutierrez (MNS Photo)

Their sister Ruffa Gutierrez posted via her @iloveruffag Twitter account: “Richard is a proud father!! Congratulations Chard &@SarahLahbati it’s finally out in the open!!! Yay!!! Sarah is crying now!!!”

She followed this about an hour later with: “Chard & @SarahLahbati locked in a tight embrace!!! They are so relieved. So happy for them!! Can (sic) wait for you to see the baby!!”

She also posted: “Thank you soooo much for watching us tonight #ItTakesGutzToBeAGutierrez I’ll be announcing the replays – soon! My phones are going cray!!”

Baby Zion is being presumed to make his first TV appearance on the show next Sunday.

Sarah left the country for Switzerland early 2013 amid a major disagreement with her home network, GMA-7. It even resulted to cases being filed against each other by both parties. She was rumored to have been pregnant at the time she was away, with buzz that she had given birth in April last year.

She had since returned to the country and patched things up with GMA-7 as reported by media but, along with Richard, remained tight-lipped about other matters. (MNS)