Sharon Cuneta (MNS photo)

Sharon Cuneta (MNS photo)

Are Sharon Cuneta and daughter KC Concepcion not on good terms?

This was the question among many followers of the screen veteran when she, in replies to comments on her Facebook page, hinted that there has long been a “wedge between me and my daughter.”

The apparent admission came a day after Cuneta expressed her frustration over a sexy photo of Concepcion, saying she is hurt every time she sees the 30-year-old actress in daring pictorials and pointing out that these have been repeated instances.

Over the weekend, Cuneta hinted that Concepcion’s “unnecessary too-sexy poses” are not her only frustrations.

KC Concepcion (MNS Photo)

KC Concepcion (MNS Photo)33335638795

Replying to a follower who said he does not see anything wrong with Concepcion posing sexy, Cuneta said: “I wish all this was just about sexy poses. Thanks anyway. God bless.”

Another follower advised Cuneta not to let “bashers” affect her relationship with Concepcion, her only child with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion. The fan added: “I love both of you and I feel sad if you have tampuhan with your daughter.”

What Cuneta said next triggered speculation of an ongoing rift between them.

“Bashers have never been the reason for driving a wedge between me and my daughter,” she said. “The reasons are sad and not made public as they are personal and have been going on for way longer than people will ever know. Thank you so much for your concern, though.”

Another fan, who introduced herself as a mother of three, offered “sisterly advice” to Cuneta about letting go of her adult children. But this, according to the “Your Face Sounds Familiar” judge, has never been the source of the problem.

“I think it is when they change towards you that problems begin. And yes, she is an adult now. I think adults should know better especially in terms of gratitude and respect, don’t you think? God bless you! Lots of love.”

After her exchange with her followers, Cuneta posted a status update saying she will no longer talk about Concepcion on Facebook. She expressed confidence, however, that everything will be fixed in due time.

Cuneta said: “I love all my children and though I appreciate all of your comments and your love and concern for me and KC, this is the last I will post about her or us, unless it is a good and positive one or something that will require clearing up.

“God is good. In His time all will be emoticon God bless us all! Have a nice day! Lots of love to all of you.”

Concepcion, who has been busy promoting a relief program she spearheaded for earthquake victims in Nepal, has yet to speak on the matter. (MNS)