Rocco and Kyle Nacino (MNS photo)

Rocco and Kyle Nacino (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — Rocco Nacino knows a career in show business is not forever but while in the industry, the actor is all for having good work ethic including being punctual and prepared for commitments.

“Tama nga naman na ‘di s’ya habambuhay (but) it (longevity) depends on the attitude of the artist, on how he sees his work eh,” he said. “(The right mindset) will open up more windows and opportunities to you.”

Still, when time comes for him to “move on,” Rocco hopes to have enough fallback to continue living a comfortable life. He’s embarked on several business ventures, including one with his brother, Kyle, namely Rufo’s Famous Tapa on Timog in Quezon City.

Though he’s not “business-minded,” Rocco has an open attitude in life. He believes many things “just come as surprise,” citing his entry in show business as one of them. “Nagulat din ako (na nakapasok ako),” he quipped.

The actor always tells friends to take calculated risks “because that’s how you learn.”

“You become smarter (whatever the outcome),” he said. “You learn from experience.”

Rocco manages to support his brother’s schooling while still being able to save up for a house he plans to build soon. The actor is happy his parents give him leeway to handle his earnings “because they want us to experience the most in life as much as we can.”

“Just put your strength and effort into it and make sure that you love what you do, darating at darating din ’yung blessings mo,” he said. “When you deserve it, it always comes to you.”

What’s Rocco’s next business venture? A skin care clinic.

“So para iba, lalaki ang magtatayo ng skin care clinic ’di ba? It doesn’t mean na lalaki eh, hindi na pwede mag-invest sa gan’un…”

He considers it “big bonus” to be working with his girlfriend, actress Lovi Poe, on “Beautiful Strangers” and in “Lakambini.” He said they continue to serve as the each other’s inspiration.

Enough for them to marry, we asked. “Hindi naman kami nagmamadali,” he said.

Of his business with Kyle, Rocco said there’s no danger of them fighting over money as some believe when it’s venture between or among family members. He is confident that their parents raised them well to keep such a thing from happening.

“They know how to bring up me and Kyle. I’m just so thankful for them… we’ll make sure they will be proud of us.”

With everything going his way, Rocco anchors himself with this mantra: “Keep it up, never forget to put your feet on the ground, and always try to be better as a person.” (MNS)