Sam Pinto (MNS Photo)

Sam Pinto (MNS Photo)

Actress and model Sam Pinto already has other plans should she decide to let go of show business.

In a magazine interview, Pinto said she is considering taking up fashion design, calling it her “Plan B.”

“Plan B, I take up fashion design,” she said.

Pinto’s other dream is to put up her own resort. The “FHM sexiest woman in the Philippines” for 2011 and 2012 is often seen visiting beaches in Baler and La Union.

“Hell yeah. That’s my dream, to live by the beach and put up my own resort,” she said. “That’s my plan C.”

Defying notions about her celebrity image, Pinto said she can be “taken anywhere.”

“I just have to be in a t-shirt and jeans,” she added.

Citing a time when she went to bargain hunter’s paradise Divisoria unnoticed, she said: “The trick is to not stay in one place for too long.” (MNS)