By Leonel Abasola

NAIA Terminal 3  (Photo courtesy of MIAA)

MANILA – Senator Raffy Tulfo wants to probe the capability of security units detailed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA 3) in Pasay City after a female traveler created a scene at the departure area.

Maghahain ako ng isang resolusyon para imbestigahan ang pangyayaring ito, partikular na and pag-handle ng security protocol sa airport facilities (I will file a resolution to investigate the incident, particularly the security protocols in airport facilities),” the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Services said in a statement on Friday.

Reports said the Vietnamese woman was prevented from leaving for Ho Chi Minh City on June 8 after an immigration officer discovered her as an overstaying tourist and that she needed to pay fines.

The woman objected, became agitated, undressed and walked naked around the departure area.

Authorities managed to calm down the woman, dress her and escort her to the medical clinic.

Bagama’t pinayagan din na lumabas ng bansa ang Vietnamese national matapos na masuri sa medical clinic, kapansin-pansin sa lumabas na video na tila nagulat at hindi sigurado ang mga security kung ano ang gagawin sa sitwasyon katulad nito (While the woman was allowed to leave after medical treatment, it was evident in the video that security personnel seemed unsure of what to do in this kind of situation),” Tulfo said.

The security failed to prevent the woman from walking towards the boarding gate and causing a commotion, Tulfo noted.

He said it is important to identify the respective roles and duties to be performed by the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group, Manila International Airport Authority, Office for Transportation Security and private agencies to avoid the blame game.

“It is about time to have a proper system of security protocols,” he said. (PNA)