Lead singer Joey Generoso of Side A with line producer of show V Entertainment Vic Perez.

Lead singer Joey Generoso of Side A with line producer of show V Entertainment Vic Perez.

Do  you remember the songs “Di Pa Huli” ,”Forevermore” and “So Many Questions”? The songs still captivate us and continue to play in our minds.Side A Band never left our imagination because they are very much part of our life, our loves and our longing. This April 21 on Sunday at 5 pm, this classic band will sing LIVE again with the most unbelievable talent KZ Tandigan , grand champion winner of XFactor Philippines at the Grove of Anaheim!

If we go back memory lane .way back in the 90’s when most of  us are going around Greenhills and Makati for the weekend, we will drop by our most favorite bar and listen live to this phenomenal band-Side A. To recall the line up of  Side A songs, let us remember  their  list of songs and records.

In 1989,Side A was signed up with Ivory  produced by Kedy Sanchez, the tracks were Di Pa Huli (Rodel Gonzalez),Eva Marie (Joey Benin),Love Will Find A Way (Rodel Gonzalez),Love That Was (Naldy Gonzalez),Still A Mystery (Naldy Gonzalez), Windows Of Our Souls (Pido Lalimarmo),Why Can’t You Love Me Anymore (Mon Espia),Heart For Another Love (Naldy Gonzalez)Love’s Bound In Time (Rodel Gonzalez),Forever Stay (Dingdong Eduque)

Side A’s self-titled debut album includes their first hit single “Eva Marie” which paved the way for their illustrious recording career. Classic Side A songs such as “Windows of Our Souls” and “Di Pa Huli” can be found in the album. The  the upbeat song “Di Pa Huli” catapulted the band into the mainstream and thus capturing a wider audience

Their next album is entitled the White Album .This was produced by Wyngard Tracy for Vicor Records. The big song in this album was “Hold on”by Dingdong Eduque sang by new lead vocalist Joey Generoso.The album earned  a double and triple Platinum for its outstanding, record breaking sales.In 1993, Lito Fugoso produced the Blue Album , second record with Vicor. This earned them again another double and triple Platinum award with  a big song “Tuloy Pa rin Ako” , a cover of Labuyo’s song. This song was recorded live at the Music Hall ,one of the premiere live band lounges in Manila before. This song captured the excitement and energy of Side A live performances.

More songs can be remembered with Side A . But here are the highlights:”So Many Questions” was awarded  Best Ballad Song by Awit Awards 1994 and Best Performance by a Group.”Forever More” –This record sold more than 90,000 copies.It won then the Best Performance of a  Group by Awit Award 1996  for the third consecutive year and the Song of the Year. The album includes “Tell Me” which was popularized by Joey Albert.

V Entertainment’s Vic Perez who is the line producer of the show said” With the trend of ticket sales, I can say that  Side A’s  magic is still there.People still want Side A now .Its been more than a decade that they have been the headliners of the live show circuit  but they still capture the market.”

Side A Live with KZ is going to play at the Grove of Anaheim on April 21, 2013 at 5 pm. The show is produced by M Beauty by Dr Tess, Western Union, Island Pacific Supermarket, The Lewis Group Law Office, Belo Medical Group, Colina Salon, Caliwok, Josephine’s Bistro and  Fiesta Foods,Ishkaster LLC website designs,and  Phillip Hart video .

The show is produced by GF Bayona Productions and V Entertainment and Marketing-Services. This is a Starmedia Entertainment Productions.For ticket inquiries ,please call Vic of V Entertainment at 818-4589258 and Faith of GF Bayona at 5629643434.