The crown of the Statue of Liberty reopens to visitors Sunday.
©Naaman Abreu/

(NEW YORK-AFP) – Tourists will be able to climb up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty starting Sunday, following the conclusion of a year’s repairs.

Once inside Lady Liberty’s head, visitors get the same view of New York Harbor and the skyscrapers of Manhattan that the famous monument has yielded for more than a century.

But access to the crown, reached by a tightly spiraled staircase going up the interior of the monument, will be limited.

“It is sold out for one month. There are 315 visitors per day allowed,” Katie Lawhon, a spokeswoman, said.

The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to America, is this country’s iconic symbol of freedom and immigration. It closed for upkeep exactly a year ago after celebrating its 125th anniversary.

The $27.25 million renovation aimed to improve the stairway into the crown and add safety devices and other modern requirements.

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