(ABS-CBN) In only a few weeks, classes will once again be starting in the Philippines.  Though most students are excited to get back to class, one 12 year-old boy named “Ivan” (name changed for privacy reasons) isn’t all that hyped about the incoming school year, claiming that some students in his school are just raring to have a go at him.

“I’m scared to go back to school. They (bullies) might see me,” said Ivan to ABS-CBN news reporter Nina Corpuz. Ivan is scared to take action and report the bullies to anyone for he fears they just might hurt him more.

The same goes for 13 year-old “Ian”, who claims that it is his very teacher that bullies him, as well as his other classmates. He said that this teacher frequently pinches his ears and hits him and his classmates with a wooden stick when in class.

According to a recent study from UNICEF and Plan International, 7 out of 10 students from pub

7 out of 10 students victims of bullying

lic schools in grades 4-6, as well as high school, are victims of bullying. This includes verbal teasing and vilification aside from the usual physical abuse.

The Volunteers International for Development Education and Service (VIDES) adds that it is important for the bullying victims to be able to release their feelings about the matter to people that they can trust, such as their parents or their teachers. “Students shouldn’t hesitate in telling others about such experiences. They have to have a firm resolution and confront their bullies, not in terms of revenge, but in terms of finding a peaceful solution to their differences,” says Riccie Oliveros, VIDES volunteer.

It is also important to have parents and teachers confront the students that bully others. In most cases, these students who are brash and have a tendency to bully others may have their own share of problems in the household that they are having a hard time getting off their chest.