The difference between regular coloring and coating:

Regular Coloring: Regular coloring is permanent. Technically speaking, it opens hair’s cuticles, and the chemical will filter into the hair, to change the color of your hair.

It will get INTO your hair. Be reminded that regular coloring may damage your hair. However, although it depends on the condition of the hair, exposure to the sunlight and salt water may cause the color to fade.

Coating: Unlike regular coloring, coating doesn’t damage your hair at all. Because it will color the surface of your hair, you would get the very color yourself. AND if your  hair is healthy, and you have shiny hair it will last two to three months.

You must try to protect your hair from the elements so as not to damage your hair, such as sunlight and dust. Also, many also do coating with perm or straightening, meaning, coating will prevent damage to your hair from your perm, it will make your hair look gorgeous, sleek.

Moreover, I want to give some tips for those of people who dye their hair at home. I frequently get these questions  from my customers “How bad is it to color your hair at home?” “Isn’t it just same?”

If you don’t adjust the time right, it will damage your hair and it will look awful (i.e. the edges of your hair will suffer from split ends), and you might not get the color you wanted. Just imagine having an unwanted color and damaged hair. And this is exactly why it is important to manage and to check your time. How much time your “hair” needs it.

People have different hair. Meaning, we have different times to be aware of while coloring. Be very cautious. Once it gets damaged, it gets VERY hard to cure.

Parkjun’s Beauty Lab:

Summer Package

For our regular-coloring customers, get free coating!

Short hair 50-60 + free coating

Medium Hair 60-70 + free coating

Long hair 80-100 + free coating

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