(Supreme Court of the Philippines}

(Supreme Court of the Philippines}

MANILA (Mabuhay) — Effective this week, the Supreme Court has added five new email addresses to respond to queries from the public.

In a post on Twitter, the high court said the new email addresses were added on Monday, Nov. 3.

These new addresses are “based on the nature of your query or interest.”

The new email addresses include:

pio_questions@sc.judiciary.gov.ph — for questions related to published decisions, resolutions and other general information about the Supreme Court

pio_personnel@sc.judiciary.gov.ph — for comments or questions on lawyers, judges and non-judge judiciary workers, which will be referred to the appropriate offices

pio_invitations@sc.judiciary.gov.ph — for invitations for the Chief Justices, the Senior Associate Justice and the Associate Justices of the Court to conferences and forums, which will be referred to the appropriate Chambers

pio_feedback@sc.judiciary.gov.ph — for feedback on the website and its content

pio@sc.judiciary.gov.ph — for questions, requests, comments on all other matters not covered by the above, including request for court tours

Meanwhile, the high court said it will still not respond to questions via its Twitter account “due to the constraints imposed by brevity.” (MNS)