By our admittedly rough count, there have been at least 46 concussions in the NFL this season. We’ve found video for 14 of them — clean hits and dirty ones, big hits and relatively minor ones. Watch and cringe and then wonder how many of the names in the list below belong to future ALS patients.

The list is a work in progress (we owe a debt of gratitude to the folks at the AutoAdmit discussion board). If we’re missing anyone, let us know.

2010 NFL Concussions

Training camp: Aaron Curry (Seahawks), Louis Murphy (Raiders), Scott Sicko (Cowboys)

Preseason: Ryan Grant (Packers), Hunter Hillenmeyer (Bears), Joseph Addai (Colts), Mark Clayton (Ravens), Nick Sorensen (Browns), Mike Furrey (Redskins), DJ Ware (Giants), Darnell Bing (Texans), Freddy Keiaho (Jaguars)

Week 1: Kevin Kolb (Eagles)*, Stewart Bradley (Eagles)* Kevin Boss (Giants)*, Matt Moore (Panthers), Charly Martin (Panthers)

Pre-Week 2: Clifton Ryan (Rams)

Week 2: Jason Witten (Cowboys), Randall Gay (Saints), Craig Dahl (Rams), Zack Follet (Lions), Evan Moore (Browns)

Pre-Week 3: Anthony Bryant (Redskins)

Week 3: Cory Redding (Ravens), Jason Trusnik (Browns)

Week 4: Jordan Shipley (Bengals)*, Willis McGahee (Ravens), Asante Samuel (Eagles)*, Riley Cooper (Eagles), Sherrod Martin (Panthers; was fined for Week 1 hit on Kevin Boss), Tony Scheffler (Lions), Jay Cutler (Bears; allegedly the fifth in his career)

Week 5: Aaron Rodgers (Packers)*, Darcy Johnson (Rams), Jacob Bell (Rams), Landon Johnson (Lions), Demaryius Thomas (Broncos), Rocky McIntosh (Redskins)

Week 6: Josh Cribbs (Browns)*, DeSean Jackson (Eagles)*, Dunta Robinson (Falcons)*, Mohamed Massaquoi (Browns)*, Husain Abdullah (Vikings), Chris Cooley (Redskins)*, David Garrard (Jaguars)

* Denotes a concussion included in our video.

We’ll try and keep the list updated from here on out. Video is obviously important for something like this. If you manage to find a clip from this season in which a player sustains (or even discusses) a concussion, please send it our way.