By Antoinette Bueno

Balita Media News Service

It was an emotional night on “American Idol” last Thursday, as Filipina contestant Thia Megia was eliminated from the competition, along with fellow contestant Naima Adedapo.

Two contestants instead of the usual one were eliminated this week, due to the judges’ save of fan favorite Casey Abrams last week, who shockingly received the lowest amount of votes in a drama-filled results show.

However, Thursday night’s results show didn’t contain many shockers, as Internet critics rightly predicted that it would be Megia and Adedapo’s turn to leave the competition after both had lackluster performances on Wednesday night’s Elton John-themed show.

Megia, who sang the 1973 hit “Daniel”, dedicated the song to her older brother, even giving him a shout out with “Hi Kuya” while talking to host Ryan Seacrest. Though judge Jennifer Lopez said that her performance was “beautiful” and judge Steven Tyler thought that she “sang a great Elton John song well,” judge Randy Jackson was less than enthusiastic.

He commented that she was a little “pitchy” at times, and that once again her choice of song was too “safe.”

Apparently, viewers agreed.

Though Megia was considered an early front-runner at the beginning of the show’s tenth season due to her strong vocal performance of Irene Cara’s “Out Here On My Own” when voting officially began, viewers have seen her falter in subsequent shows with ballads that didn’t always hit the mark.

Critics were particularly harsh on her performance of the Disney classic “Colors of the Wind” (when contestants were asked to sing a song written in the year they were born), with all three judges panning the performance. The next week she attempted to liven up her image by singing the upbeat “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandelles during Motown Week, but she couldn’t escape the Internet criticism that she was “boring” compared to other contestants like Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams – contestants whose singing styles have never been seen on past “American Idol” seasons.

However, things look bright for the 16 year-old contestant from Tracy, California. The youngest “Idol” contestant ever in the history of the competition since the show lowered its age restrictions (she started the show when she was just 15 years old), she is no stranger to the big stage, having also competed in “America’s Got Talent.” Given her young age and incredible experience so far, it is safe to say that audiences have not heard the last of Megia.

“The dream is never going to end…one way or another singing is going to be my main thing for the rest of my life,” Megia said in a video documenting her “American Idol” experience shown after it was announced that she was eliminated.

While viewing the video, Megia was brought to tears, but Jackson was seen comforting her at the end of the show. Often her harshest critic out of the three judges, he was overheard telling her, “Keep going. Keep going.”

And given the young phenom’s talent, it’s almost certain that she will. Balita Media Inc.’s website is