Alter G was developed using NASA technology and uses air pressure to lift the user. ©All rights reserved

(Relaxnews) – Want to train like an elite athlete? While nothing replaces sheer hard work, The Guardian in the UK has shared a few novel methods to maximize performance and quicken recovery time.

Hypoxic chamber
Altitude training can help give an athlete an edge, but if you’re stuck at sea level, you can train in a hypoxic chamber — an enclosed space that simulates high altitude by maintaining a reduced oxygen concentration. You can find hypoxic chambers in select gyms, such as Crunch Fitness in LA and Third Space gym in London, the latter of which offers a cardio workout class inside the chamber.

Precision hydration
Not only is sweating important, but what you sweat matters as well. “Electrolytes, particularly sodium, are critical to fluid balance, muscular contraction, and mental function during exercise — but there is an eightfold variance between individuals, and electrolyte levels are entirely independent of sweat volume,” explained Andy Blow from Precision Hydration. The company — which works with “numerous premiership football clubs,” according to The Guardian — offers sweat analysis and soluble electrolyte tablets in varying concentrations based on your specific needs.

Anti-gravity running
The latest trend coming to luxury gyms in New York and Los Angeles is the anti-gravity treadmill dubbed the Alter-G, which was developed using NASA technology and uses air pressure to lift the user — reducing the weight on joints, allowing athletes to train with injuries, and even giving the morbidly obese a safe option for working out without risking injury. While the treadmill is still hard to find in gyms, look to Equinox in NYC and Balance Performance Physiotherapy in London.