(NewsUSA) – You love your home and don’t want to leave it, but your children are concerned and keep mentioning assisted living. So, how can you maintain your independence while assuring your kids that you’re fine on your own?

Many people are capable of living on their own in their seventies and beyond — with a few small adjustments to their lifestyles and living areas. Here are some suggestions:

* Get prescription medications without leaving your home. Ordering medications through a mail service or online pharmacy can save you time and money, as well as help you avoid runs to the pharmacy. Just make sure that you receive medications from a reputable drugstore. Look for one that’s located in the U.S., requires prescriptions and is licensed by its state’s board of pharmacy. Your local drug store may also allow you to order online.

* Get meals delivered. If shopping and cooking become a struggle, fresh-made meals delivered to your door can help you get affordable, nutritious food without relying on a caretaker. One service, Mom’s Meals, can deliver to any location, from a city apartment to an isolated farmhouse, and offers personal attention on the phone.

The company crafts dishes to please every palate and can accommodate diabetics and vegetarians, as well as others with special dietary needs. Special packaging ensures that meals, which range from mini pancakes with an omelet and turkey sausage to meat lasagna, remain fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks. Visit www.momsmeals.com or call 866-971-6667 to speak with a personal representative.

* Make homes safer. Certain changes to the home can make it safer and more comfortable to navigate, such as installing hand grips in the bathroom to lend extra support. Door knobs can be replaced with levers, and cabinets and drawers can be given larger handles. Loose carpeting should be fixed, and clutter should be removed, as both can easily cause falls.