(NewsUSA) – High-tech products — like the Apple iPad — seem to get all of the attention these days. Yet some of the most useful products are also the simplest. Below is a list of the top three new products that offer simple solutions to common problems:

1. Pop-up Microlite. This product is so simple that it gets the “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” award. The Pop-up Microlite is the only light you can buy that illuminates what you stick it to. It is one of the smallest LED lights available with a footprint the size of a nickel. When turned on, it pops up and aims light downward to illuminate the surface it’s stuck to, whereas other stick-on lights shine light away from where they are attached. They work great for illuminating TV remote controls, keypads, breaker panels, keyholes, thermostats, emergency kits and the backside of computers. Their small size and unique ability to illuminate what they are stuck to makes them useful in many different ways. For more information, visit www.PopupMicrolite.com.

2. Ride-On Carry-On. Traveling with small children is always a challenge, but even more so when flying. The Ride-On Carry-On is a simple and innovative solution that turns your carry-on bag into a stroller for infants and children up to 5-years-old. It’s a specialized fold-up chair that attaches to carry-on suitcases with wheels. When traveling through the airport, simply unfold the chair and strap in your child. Once on the airplane, fold the chair flush. The Ride-On Carry-On easily fits in any overhead storage compartment.

For more information, visit www.RideOnCarryOn.com.

3. Roll’N Clean Litter Box. Anyone with cats dreads cleaning the litter box. Expensive, self-cleaning litter boxes use complex motor-controlled raking systems to filter the litter, but often don’t work well. The Roll’N Clean offers a simple, superior solution. Just rotate the sealed covered litter box upside-down to filter; the waste falls into a convenient little drawer that you then empty in the trash. For more information, visit www.OmegaPaw.com.